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  • Best Time to Start Piano Lessons & More! - When is the best time to start piano lessons? Read below to find out! At PianoNation and The Piano Store Scottsdale our first priority is not selling pianos. Of course, we must sell to stay in business, but our primary philosophy is this: Sales are a byproduct of being the most trusted and dependable source […]
  • How A Piano Can Add To Your Life - The benefits of playing the piano are many. There are countless articles on the subject and most list positive physical and mental qualities. Nearly all agree: Having music as a part of your life is both healthy and entertaining! Here are some of the most repeatedly mentioned benefits: Stress Relief Learning to play can be […]
  • Used, Pre-Owned & Restored Piano Buying Guide - Pianos are expensive instruments, and the cost of purchasing a defective one is enormous. Hundreds of pounds of polished wood, sitting uselessly and collecting dust — it’s no wonder that the process of buying one seems too intimidating. Even a used piano can be a risky investment. Discounted ones still go for a pretty penny, and the […]
  • Gs-160 Player Piano Buying Guide [2021] - Are you planning on buying a player piano soon? If you are, there are a few factors you should consider first, such as the different features, buying new or used, and so on. We’ve put together this player piano buying guide for anyone who needs a little guidance. So read this guide to buying a […]
  • Ap470 digital piano Digital Piano Buying Guide [2021] - The piano captives the ears and hearts of people worldwide. If you’re interested in learning the piano, you’ll be happy to know that playing the piano comes with many benefits, including enhanced mood in older adults. One of the first steps in playing the piano is finding the best piano for you. While acoustic pianos are a […]
  • Grand Piano Buying Guide 2020 - What should you for when buying a grand piano and which brand is best? Get the answers to these questions and more in this grand piano buying guide.
  • Gp310 digital piano Upright Piano Buying Guide 2020 - Are you looking to purchase an upright piano? We're here to share this upright piano buying guide to help make your shopping experience easier!
  • 2020 Piano Buying Guide From the Piano Experts - Ultimate Piano Buying Guide 2020 A piano is a symbol of sophistication and an instrument that covers all 88 notes on a musical scale. Unlike all other instruments, a piano can train you on all harmonic parts of music. Thinking of learning how to play the piano or enhancing your skill? Below is a piano buying guide that […]